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Rock wool board, the safe and fireproof insulation material

In the case of unexpected fire, rock wool board can effectively play a role in fire prevention, which can cut off the source of fire, minimize the harm caused by fire and ensure people's safety and property, so rock wool board was called a safe fire-proof and thermal insulation material.Most of the time people think that the function of rock wool board is just to keep warm, but its fireproof effect should not be ignored.

Rockwool fire proof insulation board occupies a strong advantage in external wall thermal insulation market. When rock wool board is used to keep cool, it must have  moisture-proof layer on the surface. In the case of extremely low temperature, rock wool without resin is used for insulation, and its moisture-proof layer must also be fire-proof. Moreover, rock wool board has a long service life, is not easily damaged by tension and compression loss, and has a strong compressive and tensile properties. The service life of rock wool board is also longer, so it is highly praised.

Rock wool board insulation facilities should be no leakage, dry surface, no grease, no rust. Under certain conditions, appropriate coatings can be adopted to prevent corrosion. In fact, rock wool board is widely used in many fields.