WanMaiDe insists high quality and competitive price while manufacturing and exporting insulation materials to all over the world. Here you can find insulation boards, insulation pipes and insulation blankets for thermal insulation, noise insulation and other materials in the following charts.
High quality rock wool thermal insulation material

Rock wool board/pipe/banket

Rock wool insulation materials like rock wool pipe, rock wool board and rock wool blanket, perform well in high tempreature situations and meets clean insulation demands with no bacteria.

Wanmaide is a manufacture that produce Glass wool board/pipe/banket/sliver

Glass wool board/pipe/banket/sliver

Pre-formed glass wool board, glass wool blanket and glass wool insulation tube have excellent seal at normal and elevated temperatures, up to 200ºF. It is also free of grease and oil.

wanmaide produce Rubber foam board-Rubber foam pipe-Rubber foamsoundproofing foam

Rubber foam board/pipe/soundproofing foam

Rubber foam board and other supplies appear to be great in sound absorb ability and non-toxic. Usually we can see rubber foam materials used in gym and hospital, in order to make it quiet and safe.

wanmaide is large manufacture of Foam glass board/pipe

Foam glass board/pipe

Foam glass is a special kind of glass material that isolates sound and heat well because of its foam structure, usually used as insulation boards.



Xps isolation boards are high density isolation materials, which made it able to provide thin and well-performed thermal insulations.



Long lasting and high strength phenolic-foam insulation material saves energy and resists fire, is regarded as one of the best choices.


What We Do?

WanMaiDe estabished in 2001, a leading manufacturer and exporter of Glass Wool, Rock Wool, Rubber Foam, Foam Glass,Extrude Polystyrene/XPS, P



Pre-formed board is the most popular thermal insulation material type in building, insulation boards made of different material have their own advantages like high temperature resist, water proof or good sound absorb performance.
Heat Insulation Fiber Glass Wool Board

Heat Insulation Fiber Glass Wool Board

Leading glasswool insulation supplier could provide glass wool board products featured heat insulating, lightweight, waterproof, etc. Please inquiry about glass wool board from us, you will get competitive prices.

High temperature resistant fire retardant aluminum foil A grade composite phenolic foam board

High temperature resistant fire retardant aluminum foil A grade composite phenolic foam board

Phenolic foam has the reputation of “king of insulation materials” and is a new generation of thermal insulation and sound insulation materials. It has the characteristics of light weight, fireproof, non-burning, smokeless, non-toxic, non-drip, etc., and has a wide temperature range. Phenolic foam as a safe, green new energy-saving building material.



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